A Focus on Safety at BRL Accessories

The Big Rig Light (BRL) is a patented light system specifically designed by a commercial truck driver to enhance safety. At BRL Accessories we know first-hand the importance of visibility on the roadway. Safety and visibility work together to decrease accidents and improve driver responsibility.

The BRL works in several ways to promote safety for the commercial driver and other drivers on the road while protecting the equipment and cargo. The lights mount on each side of a trailer, camper or other large vehicle. The purpose is to illuminate roads or other surfaces that typically act as blind spots for commercial or large vehicle drivers.

The lights integrate with the vehicle’s turn signal system to turn on and off automatically. For example, when the left turn signal activates, the BRL on the left turns on. Likewise, when the right turn signal activates, the BRL on the right turns on.

Unlike the vehicle’s turn signals, the BRL does not flicker. Instead, the BRL produces a constant beam of light. The added light provides increased visibility for lane changes and turns.

A Support for Safety – Not a Distraction for Drivers

Despite its brightness, the BRL will not blind or distract neighboring vehicles. The light points directly downward after proper installation to illuminate the road and not stream light into other driver’s eyes.

However, the added light does enhance safety for surrounding vehicles. As a driver of a commercial vehicle or camper, you never want to put others in danger. Additional light when you change lanes or turn increases your visibility making the road safer for those around you.

Large VehiclesGreater Visibility for Commercial and Large Vehicle Drivers

The BRL’s technical design has the function to simultaneously turn on both lights when the hazard lights activate. The BRLs remain on the entire time the hazards lights are in use. This feature creates greater visibility for the driver whether they are inside or outside of the vehicle.

For example, in the event of a tire change or mechanical issue, the lights provide a well-lit surface to keep the driver safe and deliver enough light to see clearly to make the repairs. This is a critical safety feature for interstate and highway service repairs.

The lights also aid in loading and unloading equipment. Reduce worker’s compensation claims and liability with increased safety features like the BRL. Even during adverse weather conditions, the lights grant added safety through better visibility.

Make Safety a Priority for Your Commercial Vehicles

Invest in safety for your commercial vehicles. The patented BRL system is easy to install and operate because of its specific design based on real life driver experience. The idea is simple – provide ample light to decrease the risk of accidents. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of a well-lit workspace for repairs and loading.

Order your BRL kit today or contact us for additional information. At BRL Accessories, we’re invested in keeping drivers and the roadways safe with added visibility.