How to Install

Make installation of the BRL system easy with our user-friendly instructions. When properly installed the BRL works to keep you safe on the road. The lights mount on both sides of the vehicle and automatically turn on when the turn signals or hazard lights engage.

Ensure proper installation so that the patented BRL system works as part of the integrated light structure. For additional help, watch our installation video.

The Necessary Tools to Install the BRL

  1. Wire strippers 
  2. Impact drill with a ½” drill bit for the lights
  3. 12 Wire connectors, including wires nuts, shrink tube and butt connectors
  4. Micro Phillips head screwdriver for the computer board
  5. 2 self-tapping screws
  6. Silicone sealant, like Loctite, Weldbond or Clear Waterproof Sealant
  7. Crescent wrench

BRL Installation Procedures

  • Do a pre-trip inspection of the truck trailer before you start the installation. Ensure no loose wires or leaks are visible during this inspection.
  • Find the best spot to mount the lights on the trailer BEFORE drilling the holes. THE LIGHTS MUST FACE OUT AND DOWN ON THE BACK OF THE TRAILER. This is so that when the lights turn on they don’t blind other drivers. If they do, you will get ticketed. Mount the lights near the rear axles in the best position for the driver’s view.
  • Once you find the right spot to mount the lights, drill one hole on each side of the trailer using the ½” drill bit and impact drill. Then mount the light bracket to the trailer and tighten down firmly so that the lights do not move. Every BRL set comes with an Allen wrench for adjusting the lights.
  • Connect the wires from the light together with the wire connectors (red + red) (black + black). Run the wire to the box. Ensure there is no visible wire hanging from the trailer (per DOT Inspection).
  • Repeat on the opposite side of the trailer with the second light.
  • After setting up the lights and running the wire, then mount the box. The ideal spot to mount the box is typically close to the midway turn signal of the trailer where you’ll tie into. However, you can mount the box on the trailer at your preferred location.
  • After mounting the box, tie into the wires. From the plugin connector to the actual turn signal, measure about 12” from the connector and cut all three wires on one side of the trailer (GREEN/YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE). Only cut all three wires on one side of the trailer, preferably the side closest to the box. GREEN is the RIGHT turn signal. YELLOW is the LEFT turn signal. BLACK is the power for both sides of the trailer. WHITE is the ground on both sides of the trailer. On the other side, where you did not cut all three wires, only cut either the GREEN or YELLOW wire since you already have power and ground from the other side.
  • After cutting the wires, simply tie into the turn signal, the power and the ground using the wire nuts or butt connectors with an added 18Aug wire line, only running the 18Aug wire to the box.
  • Remember that on the first side you already cut all three wires; therefore, on the second side you only cut the turn signal. For example, if I cut into the left side of the trailer (YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE), then on the right side of the trailer I only cut into the GREEN wire since the power and ground already come from the left side.
  • After all wires connect to the box, carefully tie into the board.

    Starting from the Left to Right:

    1. Power (Black)
    2. Left Turn Signal (Yellow)
    3. Right Turn Signal (Green)
    4. Left Light +
    5. Left Light –
    6. Right Light +
    7. Right Light –
    8. Ground (White)

Final Check After Installation

Once all the wires are in place and tightened down firmly, test your lights. Turn on the hazard lights and if needed, adjust the lights for the driver’s best visibility.

After testing the lights, check the wires to confirm the connection is tight. Then, use the sealant to fill the holes in the box where the wires went through so that no water or condensation gets inside. At this point, the BRL installation is complete.

Enjoy your new, safer and well-lit vehicle. Contact BRL Accessories with any questions or concerns. We make customer support a top priority!