A Company Build with Safety First

BRL Accessories stands for Big Rig Lights. We offer aftermarket, exterior lights to illuminate and enhance driver visibility. The foundation of our company is the principal that commercial truck drivers need safety features to protect them on the road. We’ve created a product that offers just that.

The BRL system installs on your commercial vehicle, camper or other large vehicle to provide additional lighting when your turn signals or hazard lights go on. This innovative concept developed out of first-hand experience as a truck driver.

The BRL is now available to support driver safety through an easy and affordable solution. Order the BRL kit today to make safety your number one priority.

Founded by Derek Salinas, CDL Truck Driver

Derek Salinas became a CDL truck driver at age 22. He operated trucks and trailers of various lengths and during different times of the day and night. His work as a truck driver extended across different terrains and weather conditions while hauling oversized loads.

Derek quickly discovered the importance of clear visibility for drivers. During his time as a driver, he experienced the difficulty of limited visibility, especially during lane changes and turns. In addition, night-time breakdowns offered little light to inspect and repair service issues, like tire changes.

Derek’s experience inspired him to create his patented flagship product, the Big Rig Light or BRL. Derek has a passion to provide increased safety through easy to use products that make commercial truck driving less risky.

Established with Family Values in Mind

At BRL Accessories, we understand safety at work matters to you and your family. Our founder, Derek Salinas, puts family values first. He is a proud father and husband who loves his family and wants other drivers to return safety to your family.

Derek is married to Gaby and has three beautiful daughters: Genesis, Camilla and Olivia. His family-oriented attitude drives his passion for BRL Accessories. He wants to make life great for his family by providing solid safety solutions to his peers on the road.

Founded in Fort Lupton, Colorado, BRL Accessories has quickly grown based on its reputation for quality products. The BRL meets the specific needs of large and commercial vehicles to enhance safety for drivers.

Crafted with Real Industry Knowledge

The unique product design works well because BRL’s founder developed the lights to solve a problem he experienced as a truck driver. The integrated technology of the BRL system provides a safer driver experience with effortless function.

When correctly installed, the lights help drivers see better to keep them and those around them safer. That’s our passion at BRL Accessories – to make driving safer and easier.

Make your big rig or other large vehicle safer today by ordering the BRL kit. Or, contact BRL Accessories for more information or with questions. We’re here to provide drivers with a better and more illuminated driving experience.